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Intimidating colors to wear

Usually, it involves baking, sewing, or the color pink.While oftentimes this hobby is kept under wraps alongside the Embarrassing Middle Name, Mr. Even more often, it's just one of those things you never bothered to ask about.It's a safe assumption that he cares very deeply for his mother.

For some reason, gritty loners, hulking brutes, and all around uber-manly characters tend to gravitate towards at least one decidedly un-manly interest or hobby.If the Manly Man sees something as manly then it the definition of manly, kind of like how celebrities tend to change fashion in Real Life.Then some men just like to use this as a practical reason to start fights or enjoy the fact that no one will dare to mock him. ) As late as the 1950s, pink was still considered a "boy colour".I find it to be a particularly nice top for dates because it shows a little skin without trying too hard. Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James line has been killing it lately and this perfect maxi dress is no exception. Also, how amazing does leopard print look with this color combo?! With a jean jacket, you’ll be wearing this beauty through October. I just ordered both, so stay tuned for the stripe party that will ensue the second I open the box.

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Plus, apparently he was never instilled with the Pink Girl, Blue Boy archetype when he was growing up.

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