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Free hookkup dating in maine

We’ve all heard our fair share of horror stories from Tinder.

In her volunteer work with local seniors, Shannon Smith of Wilton said the seniors she helps are already being forced to choose between heat, medicine and food with all of today's challenges.

Now, we are apparently expected to find love based on our…candy flavor? According to Luxy, their clientele includes CEOs, celebrities, athletes and doctors.

If you want finding your next hook-up to be based on the sweet, sweet flavors of lemon or vanilla (which we don’t recommend), then check out Flavor Connect. This app will help to connect you with other wealthy individuals based on the brands you display on your profile page (think BMW, Rolex and Chanel) and through a private messaging system on the app (however, you can only send a message if both parties “like” each other, and, according to the app, there are “no undesirable contacts” allowed).

That is, if a cable company has arrived in your neighborhood and if you can afford the extra expense.

Unfortunately, for the many who live on fixed incomes and can't afford the additional or more a month to have cable TV bring their favorite programs, they will simply have to go without.

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This app does promise to stalk the eye candy you’ve been checking out (which, yes, is something we would be doing anyway), but still, it’s kind of creepy to have to use an app to tell you when he or she is going to be looking for a rebound.