Dating a very wealthy man indin dating

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Dating a very wealthy man

From expensive clothes to the most exquisite jewelry, if you are a woman who dreams big, and one of your big dreams is to be with a wealthy guy, then here is some essential advice to date a rich man, and to keep him enamored forever, hopefully!A survey done by Millionaire Match, a dating site for millionaires, states that 79.6 percent millionaire men seek out non-millionaire women!He is a sophisticated gentleman who seeks a woman with drive that parallels his own.

Who wouldn't want to date a man who has the capacity to provide the luxurious life that every woman seeks?While every other guy would kill to have his money, the rich guy directly hurts himself because of how he references his wealth, in his conversations. For the rich guy who doesn’t know better, this pattern repeats and worsens with each repetition. Here’s the paradox: Making money requires personality traits that are desired by lots of women: Discipline. Any quality woman who hears this immediately runs for the hills. The reason behind this is that these men need a partner they can take care of, said the representative of this website, Darren Shuster.Well, this survey must have raised the hopes of many―let's say, not-so-rich spinsters―out there who wish to be with a rich millionaire bachelor, isn't it?

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In fact, your own mother may have even quipped that it's just as easy to fall for a wealthy man as it is a poor one. High-income men are the group most likely to use the Web for adult entertainment, such as porn, according to the Luxury Institute.

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