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Text & "" End If End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Deleting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Keys:取得欲刪除那筆資料的PK值。查看Data Key Names屬性,就可以知道PK值有那些。 'e. As the values are inserted into an Ordered Dictionary - you can use the field names to access the changed data 2. There are multiple ways in which one can get the data from the current row that is being edited in a Grid View. Using "Extract Values From Cell": This is an easy way to get all the values from the current row.For example purpose I have used connection strings and queries in same file but for you, you need to retrieve it from web.config file and also use stored procedures.using System;using System. NET forums is how to deal with exceptions like The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled.cs页面: 在Row Updating 事件里写 protected void ASPx Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Dev Express.

The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Sorting which wasn't handled.The example shown here is for a Grid View, but the same types of event handlers must be implemented in roughly the same way for other data controls including the Form View, Details View, and List View. This is the final Grid View markup, so you can see the event handlers we’re going to implement.We’ll start with binding data to the Grid View, then build up functionality from there. ASPx Data Inserting Event Args e) 行删除事件Row Deleting protected void gv Function_Row Deleting(object sender, Dev Express. ASPx Data Deleting Event Args e) 初始化回调事件 Callback protected void callback Panel_Callback(object sender, Dev Express.

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Suppose if we are trying to hide primary key of our table, there is actually no need to hide. In the above Snippet you are seeing a label in Item Template that means whenever we are showing Grid View to the user Label will be visible to the user.

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